GROWING by Ruth Howard

Ruth Howard was a poet, volunteer reading aide and a talented numerologist. At age 60, she discovered she had been adopted, and from that point her life took on new meaning.

After I read her poem Growing, I asked if I could share it. I knew why I just wasn’t sure to who nor how.

Ruth had hoped her poem would help many people and after telling me stories about students, mainly boys, she had mentored, she gave me permission to share it.

I have tried to find her again, but she was in her 70’s when I met her, before computers were connected. I can’t find any evidence of Growing ever being published.  I honour my memories of her by sharing GROWING with the http://www… Her words touch my heart and we both hoped, yours too.



GROWING  a poem by Ruth Howard


Have you ever sat and wondered

What makes the world go ’round

What makes some people winners

Whilst others run aground?


Have you ever asked the question

What makes me like I am?

Or just where do I fit in

To life’s eternal plan?


Too oft I gaze at others,

Their goals and aims so clear.

Yet alll that I have come to know

Are Conflict, Strife and Fear.


What must I do to be like them,

To learn to play their game.

Why am I so sensitive

That I run and hide in shame?


Perhaps the answer lies in Me.

Perhaps I have to change.

But how to start – where to begin

is a problem broad in range.


I must believe in myself, I think.

To explore just who I am.

To weigh the pros and cons of me

And learn to say ‘I CAN’.


Perhaps I should be honest

With myself, and THOSE for whom


If I could give more love to ME

I’d still have love to share.


But if I blame myself or others

For disappointment and strife,

I stop myself from growing

And waste God’s gift of life.


If I could think of others,

and extend to them MY hand

To know we all have fears

And show I understand.


To know that life is complex

Full of hardships and pain.

But if I fight to be a part of it

The pain is Worth the Gain.


It surely wont be easy

I must take one step at a time.

But if can just get on my feet.

The victory I caim is MINE.


NOW is the time to be courageous.

And learn to have more faith;

In myself as well as others

And to trust the human race.


To become familiar with my strengths

And use them for the best;

And believe in me sufficiently

To put them to the test.


But above all else I must trust

That the best is yet ahead.

To grasp each chance presented

Along Life’s path I tread.


For Life is made of stepping stones,

Experiences of great length.

And each hurdle I jump over




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7 thoughts on “GROWING by Ruth Howard

  1. Oh I love this poem. So glad you shared it. My favorite part?
    “Too oft I gaze at others, Their goals and aims so clear.
    Yet alll that I have come to know Are Conflict, Strife and Fear.”
    It is so easy to look at others and think they have it all together and thus feel so inadequate.
    But I think we’re all just part of the tapestry of life and humanity.

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